Reinforcing Civilian Protection and Security Rights: A Perspective on the Anglophone Crisis

Trevor Package, Sun 4th, Jun 2023, 12:00


The Movement for Democracy, Development, and Transparency (MDDT) Cameroon, in collaboration with the Open Society Initiative for Africa (OSAF), is committed to promoting a peaceful society that upholds democratic values, protects fundamental rights, and empowers individuals. In the midst of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon, MDDT-OSAF has undertaken a strategic advocacy initiative to reinforce civilian protection and respect for the right to security in the affected regions. This article provides an overview of the MDDT-OSAF newsletter, highlighting the urgent need for intervention,    stakeholder roles,  and recommendations for effective civilian protection.

The Urgent Need for Strategic Intervention:

The Central African region has witnessed political instability and conflict, and Cameroon has not been exempted. The Anglophone Crisis, which has persisted for over five years, has resulted in thousands of deaths, internally displaced persons, the destruction of villages, and a decline in human rights standards. Limited safe spaces for advocacy, inadequate civilian protection, and a lack of effective government policies have contributed to the exacerbation of the crisis. Recognizing these challenges, MDDT Cameroon has embarked on a project to foster strategic advocacy on civilian protection and the right to security in the North West and South West Regions.

Stakeholders in Civilian Protection: 

 Addressing the Anglophone Crisis requires the collective efforts of various stakeholders. MDDT Cameroon has identified 10 project hotspot communities and trained focal points and gatekeepers in these areas. Furthermore, through regional symposiums and workshops, MDDT has equipped over 100 civil society organizations, human rights defenders, and community leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills for strategic advocacy and civilian protection during times of conflict. The involvement of youth groups, women's groups, and local   CSOs fosters cultural civic engagement and synergies that contribute to sustainable change.

Driving Inclusive Participation and Building Synergies:

To promote security rights and civilian protection, MDDT Cameroon is engaging in cultural sensitization campaigns, organizing rallies for parents, teachers, and students, and running media and digital awareness campaigns. These initiatives aim to educate the population, both within the country and in the diaspora, on the importance of security measures and the right to security and civilian protection. By mobilizing communities and amplifying their actions, MDDT Cameroon is establishing a self-sustaining culture of civic engagement.

Recommendations for Effective Civilian Protection:

MDDT    Cameroon puts forth several recommendations to enhance civilian protection and security rights. These include improving law enforcement policies, organizing round tables with law enforcement officers and government representatives, and developing policy recommendations. By engaging relevant stakeholders and advocating for policy changes, MDDT     Cameroon seeks to strengthen institutions and promote the rule of law, ultimately ensuring the safety and security of civilians across the country.


The MDDT-OSAF newsletter serves as a platform for sharing insights, activities, and perspectives on the pursuit of resolution of the Anglophone peace and Crisis. It highlights the urgent need for strategic intervention, the roles of various stakeholders, and recommendations for effective civilian protection. By collaborating and advocating for change, MDDT Cameroon and its partners aim to build a society that upholds democratic values,  protects fundamental rights, and empowers individuals in Cameroon and beyond.