Poubom Rehbeh Mehwom

Project Coordinator

Poubom Rehbeh Mehwom is the Project Coordinator of MDDT-Cameroon. He has over seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector working on human rights, community development, youth empowerment and peace building issues. He was elected as Central African Representative for the African Union Chapter and is currently part of the advisory board for Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa-Cameroon Branch (YALDA-Cameroon)

Rehbeh is also the founder and pioneer Managing Partner of Poubom and Partners Law firm. He is an ardent advocate & solicitor of the Supreme Courts of Nigeria and Cameroon.  He is a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution specialist and alumni of the prestigious Nigerian Law School. As Managing Partner he successfully launched the Cameroon Law Laboratory and Education initiative which seeks to increase access to justice, educate and create employment.