Shalo Hedwig Yondu

Vice Executive Director

Shalo Hedwig Yondu is the Vice Executive Director of the Movement for Democracy, Development, and Transparency (MDDT) Cameroon. She brings exceptional leadership and a deep commitment to human rights, social justice, and inclusive governance to her role. Shalo holds a Master of Science degree with a diverse educational background in fields such as geology, oil and gas engineering, and process safety risk management. Leveraging her expertise in data analysis, research, project design, and community development, Shalo effectively addresses complex challenges and drives impactful change. During her tenure, she has spearheaded numerous initiatives through MDDT focused on strengthening the rule of law, promoting peace, and protecting human rights in Cameroon. Notable projects aim to enhance access to justice, empower marginalized communities, and give voice to youth in civic and political processes. Shalo's advocacy prioritizes the rights of children and women, who she believes play a critical role in building more equitable societies. Through rigorous research methodologies and collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders, Shalo ensures MDDT's human rights- based approach is strategically implemented and makes tangible differences in people's lives.