Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency

The Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency was created/founded/formed on August 30, 2001 under the Chairmanship of Hon. AKONTEH Andrew, in conformity with Law Nº 90/053 of 19th December 1990 on Freedom of Associations and launched under PREFECTORAL ORDER Nº E29/01/143/vol8/569, Sub-Divisional Office Bamenda, on 09/11/2002. It is a not for profit, Non-Governmental and apolitical association. The constant images of the collapse of the rule of law, wars, hunger, poverty, human rights abuse serves as MDDT’s motivation to safeguard the rule of Law, advocate for peace, and promote and protect human rights in Cameroon and Africa at large. MDDT’s projects revolve around creating and enabling environment for the promotion and protection of human rights, increased access to justice and adequate political space for effective youth participation in democratic processes and inclusive governance.

Mission Statement

Promote sustainable development by engaging and empowering citizens with resources needed to participate in economic activities and political action


To see a society in which fairness and economic independence thrives

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“Promoting Youth Advocacy and Reducing Youth
Radicalization in the Anglophone Regions ” – an

Our Current Projects